About Us


Mind, body, and spirit wellness is our mission. We know that wellness is more than the absence of illness, and that people must take care of themselves, inside and out, in order to care for others.

What if you don’t know what makes you feel happy and healthy? What if there is nothing in your routine that engages your mind, heals your tired body, or rejuvenates your spirit? Arkwings is a place of discovery, where everyone has access to nature, arts, music, social time, and wholeness.

Proceeds from our sales will help support Arkwings’ ongoing art programs in the community. Thank you for helping us grow!


Arkwings is the perfect place for an intimate wedding and reception, business retreat, holiday party, or other special occasion. Church groups or family reunions? We will take you back to the days when ALL the cousins gathered at grandma’s house for potluck, fun, and family fellowship.